A St. Patrick's Day Feast And Drinks For You And Your Friends To Enjoy

5 January 2020
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St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and pairing a dinner of corned beef and cabbage with a couple stiff cocktails may be what you have in mind for this festive holiday. Set up an area to entertain your guests and purchase plenty of supplies to prepare the meal and custom beverages.

Use Clovers, Leprechauns, And Irish-Themed Decor

Promote a cozy ambiance, either in your back yard or in your home's kitchen or den. Use clovers, leprechauns, and Irish-themed decor to adorn tables and chairs that your guests will be using. If you will be following an authentic corned beef and cabbage recipe that has been passed down through several generations, create a menu placard that can be posted near the edge of the party area.

List the ingredients that are being used to create the dish and provide a hint of the beverages that will be available, by filling a pitcher with fruit juices or spritzers and lining up some imported Irish whiskey bottles, alongside the beverages that will be mixed with the alcohol. Add green food coloring to the pitchers if you would like the drinks to be symbolic of the holiday.

Learn About Imported Products

People who drink whiskey regularly can probably distinguish between a fine product and one that contains subpar ingredients. When ordering bottles of whiskey, read the description for each product to learn about the distilling process and the type of grain that was used. Some whiskey varieties are aged inside of a wooden cask, which provides a spirit with a distinct taste. The distilling process may be performed several times so that a product will have a smooth, light taste that can be distinguished from other whiskey varieties. Do some research to find a good Irish whiskey importer.

Use the information to help you choose robust alcohol types that will complement a fruity punch or a fizzy carbonated beverage. Irish whiskey can also be enjoyed solo. Purchase some disposable shot glasses or small pieces of stemware and pass out the drink holders, prior to serving the meal. When your guests arrive, lead them into the area that you have prepared for serving the meal and drinks.

Ask everyone to seat themselves and begin passing out the plates of corned beef and cabbage. After everyone has been served, begin taking drink orders. Use ice, straws, and pieces of fruit to enhance each cup or glass. Toast your guests, before indulging in the beverage that you have prepared for yourself.